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A Bit About Me

Hello my name is Patricia Franco Hicks, a Certified Health Coach, Massage Therapist, a Christian, a mother and wife. Living a healthy life is important and the Lord has called me to give knowledge in this industry. I'm here to be a health coach but most of all, a friend and mentor in order for you to achieve your goals. 

My deep desire and calling is to bring back vital information to living a healthy lifestyle from a biblical point of view. Man has attempted to take matters in his own hands in health and nutrition, using non-organic products and denouncing the use of essential oils for health benefits. The fact of the matter is the medicine and some products approved by the FDA do more harm than good. God had created plants for oils and organic foods without GMO's and other chemicals that destroy your health. God is perfect and so is his creation. 

My Story

Successfully Graduating from the prestigious Integrative Nutrition School in 2018 as an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach (INHC). The school is world renowned and graduates are working with top companies and cliental.   Past educaton includes graduating from Bryman College as a certified Massage Therapist. Certification in the following areas of Massage: Deep Tissue, Swedish, Prenatal Massage, Sport Massage, and Shitatsu Massage.  also is certified in Reflexology. The Lord has led me to work for multi million dollar business leaders in fashion, technology and real estate in the greater Los Angeles area. I'm looking forward to being your friend and Health Coach!  

Steps To Your Success 

My goal is to see you live a healthy lifestyle and continue this for the rest of your life. This will take my mentoring but YOUR dedication. Achieving the physical, mental and spiritual desires will take the following steps to your success

1.  20 minute consultation and introduction 

2. Beginning of your bi-weekly 6 month program where I will give an evaluation of the health and spiritual program               that will best fit your lifestyle.

3. Giving the appropriate material which includes workbooks, notes and media for the clients specific needs.


4. Ongoing monitoring of the clients health progress and needed adjustments to find a solution that works best for             them. 

5. Leave you with the confidence to continue the lifestyle change initiated by this program.


I'm looking forward to working with you!

 Let's connect.


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